Wednesday, 4 January 2017

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Mother Horlicks

Tadi masa tengok news feed di facebook terjumpa satu post mengenai Mother Horlicks. Eh horlicks dah ada produk untuk ibu hamil. Waa tak tau pulak horlick ada keluar produk ni. Bila jalan di pasar raya tak pernah jumpa pula Mother Horlicks ni.

Ha inilah mother's horlicks. Warna pink gitu. Mungkin ada sesetengah orang dah tau akan kewujudan mother' horlicks ni.

Kinah kongsikan serba sedikit mengenai Mother's Horlicks

My nourishing Mother’s Horlicks
Has 27 vital nutrients, including Choline and DHA, known to be important for normal development of my baby’s brain and nervous system. In the absence of DHA, intelligence of my baby may be seriously impaired. My body also requires more Choline during pregnancy and lactation.
My special Mother’s Horlicks
Is made with wholesome ingredients, using a unique process that helps make it easy to digest. Its nourishment can also help improve the birth weight of my baby, while post delivery it can help improve the quantity of breast milk.
My trusted Mother’s Horlicks
Has been specially created for me at the Horlicks Nutrition Academy, using scientific knowledge and expertise. Designed with Choline, DHA, vitamins, minerals and ideal quality protein, it provides essential nutrients proven to help in the all-round development of my baby. Mother’s Horlicks is an ideal drink during pregnancy and after.
My tasty Mother’s Horlicks

Is a carefully crafted combination of wholesome ingredients with the rich flavour of chocolate. Since my baby receives all its nourishment from me during this period, I like to make Mother’s Horlicks a part of my diet, thrice a day.



  1. singgah

  2. Wah produk baru. hihihi horlick sedap! tp jarang betul beli, milo je selalu. hahaha.

  3. Replies
    1. Ada sesetengah pasar raya je yang ada macam tesco. Kat masjid india pun ada jual. Nama kedai tu hanafi. Orang la yang bagitau

  4. Ooo ni baru tahu... bagus juga, sebab horlicks pun sedap & berkhasiat macam milo... so ada tambahan pilihan untuk ibu mengandungkan...

  5. Replies
    1. Erk hanifah. Tersilap sory. Cubalah tanya kedai tu. Sy pun dapat info dari orang



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